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Alex and Ani's Shivika Sinha on Why Conscious Consumerism is the Future of Retail

In this episode of Women in Retail Talks, Shivika Sinha, director of digital marketing at Alex and Ani, shares her…

Hello Inner Circle Readers!

Lots of exciting stuff happening with the Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC) right now. For starters, Girl Talks West…

Emily Culp at Girl Talks East: 'The Future is Female'

Keds' CMO Emily Culp on why "the future is female."

Callie Schweitzer on Redefining Success at Girl Talks East

Callie Schweitzer, managing editor at Thrive Global, shares her advice on redefining discuss.

Rachel Shechtman Shares Her Story at Girl Talks East

Rachel Shechtman, founder of Story, shares her story at Girl Talks East.
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About Us

“Us” is so much more than the folks here at the Women in Retail Leadership Circle (WIRLC). We’re really talking about some of the most amazing women in the retail space — special, electric, powerful, innovative, successful are all words that come to mind to describe the women of WIRLC.

Our goal is to bring together these awe-inspiring women within WIRLC and provide a unique networking group that offers enterprise-level women in the retail industry a place to LEARN, CONNECT and GROW through virtual and live events, a weekly e-newsletter, an information-packed website, social media, and more. WIRLC strives to continuously offer members the opportunity to SHARE best practices, discuss industry issues and find inspiration on how to conquer challenges in their professional lives.

And we’re just getting started — just wait to see what’s around the corner!

Starting a business isn't easy, and it’s important to have a mission and purpose that can serve as your north star through the good times and certainly the bad. And have patience. Most startup companies — even the most successful — are at it for seven [years] to 10 years before they really take off in the mainstream market."-- Brit Morin, CEO and Founder, Brit + Co, Forbes, Oct 24
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