Good Morning!

By: Caitlin Sullivan

We’re crossing off one item at a time on our summer bucket list as the season winds down (say it ain’t so!). For a few of us on the WIRLC team, this means road trips with family and friends! While I’m always down for a great road trip, there’s only so many times you can listen to the song of the summer (we JUST got “Despecito” out of our heads … and we apologize for bringing it back up now …). Instead of music, below you’ll find my regularly scheduled FM programming with podcasts. Here are just three of the podcasts I’ve been tuning into recently. Do you have a go-to podcast? Let us know so we can share with the WIRLC community!

The Big Leap Show

The Big Leap Show is the perfect podcast for inspiration on going through with those big life changes that you’ve always wanted to make. Kathlyn Hart is the host of this down-to-earth podcast that highlights inspirational women who have made the leap into pursuing their passions. Hart created the podcast with the goal of telling the inspirational stories of female entrepreneurs who have taken the “Big Leap” and started the business of their dreams. Listen in when looking for that little reminder to never quit your daydream.

The Pivot Podcast

After years in the tech startup world and as an employee at Google, Jenny Blake is now a prominent business and career coach. Her Pivot Podcast covers all things entrepreneurial, including everything from how to land a traditional publishing deal to fostering creativity within your business.

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Rounding out the list with this one because, simply, it’s one of the best titles I’ve seen! From questions like “is being a perfectionist really worth it?” to “what is the relationship between feminism and witchcraft?” there’s no topic this podcast won’t discuss. Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin share entertaining stories with hilarious sharp tone and witty banter in their 30-minute podcast episodes.

Have a great week everyone!

Caitlin Sullivan
Senior Editor
The Women in Retail Leadership Circle

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