Great to Meet You! Kristina Stidham introduces herself as the newest member of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle team

Great to Meet You!

By: Kristina Stidham

Hello Inner Circle readers!

I want to take a moment and introduce myself as the newest member of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle team. My name is Kristina Stidham, and I recently joined WIRLC full-time as an associate content editor. I graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia in May 2018, and started at NAPCO Media (parent company of WIRLC) full-time a few weeks later. I first worked primarily for NAPCO Media’s digital department as a content producer, before shifting in December to WIRLC and sister brand Total Retail. With many of the skills I learned while with the digital team, I’m now responsible for WIRLC’s (and Total Retail’s) social media strategy, video and podcast production, and helping to create the Inner Circle e-newsletter each week.

As the 2019 Women in Retail Leadership Summit approaches, my excitement is growing. I’m so looking forward to attending this awesome event with all of you inspiring ladies and our team. I traveled to this past year’s WIRLC On the Road: New York City event, and really enjoyed my time there learning about our speakers’ career journeys, meeting fabulous women leaders, and feeling the sense of confidence and empowerment in the room.

I look forward to meeting you all in person at one of our upcoming events! 😊

Kristina Stidham
Associate Content Editor
Women in Retail Leadership Circle

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