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About ZineOne, Inc.

ZineOne is a real-time, stream-processing customer engagement hub. It enables brands and enterprises to correlate in-the-moment customer activities, trends, and habits to boost hyper-personalized interactions. ZineOne provides first of its kind machine learning and analytics on “data in motion.” For more information on the ZineOne interactions hub, please visit, or follow @zine_one

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Real-Time Customer Engagement Hub

ZineOne's Next Generation Customer Engagement Hub is the new paradigm for contextual real-time customer engagement, in stores, and across digital channels.
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Providing Channel Agnostic Shopping Experience

Consumers don’t shop with any preconceived plans for the channels they will be using nor do they follow any predetermined sequence -- searching, exploring, comparing and shopping
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Contextualization: The Loyalty Program Secret Sauce

Progressive brick and mortars leverage their existing digital arsenal to create an online and in-store contextual experience. That means using their different touch points (website, mobile web, app, in-store technology, etc.) to provide context to their customer engagements. Being able to pull together these disparate touch points and systems through a streaming decision layer powered…
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Enabling Real-Time Unified Commerce

Consumer behavior shows that a pure online shopper is rare. Consumers want both the convenience offered by online retail, as well as the personal touch of an in-store experience. Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods is a clear indication of this trend. So if Amazon is buying or creating touch points within brick and mortar, what…
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