Michelle Vance
Member Since: September 12, 2017
VP Retail Customer Engagement
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Kansas City, MO 64108
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SMG is a technology-enabled research firm, partnering with restaurant and retail brands to create customer experiences that drive loyalty and create profitable sales. We evaluate over 200 million surveys annually, across 130 countries, helping more than 450 brands know more and do better.

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The ultimate guide to omnichannel experiences

In this ebook, we’ll show how surveys can be used most effectively in a changing omnichannel environment. The content includes an overview of the omnichannel experience, an analysis of the forces driving it, an exploration of the way it's changing the dynamics between brands and customers,and recommendations for how to get the most value from…
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SMG Case Study: Belk Department Store

Belk combines omni-channel CX data to get a more holistic view of the customer
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An Executive Critique of the Customer Experience

Executives of multi-unit organizations are evolving their customer experience measurement programs—transitioning from just collecting feedback to turning that feedback into insight. Service Management Group (SMG) recently conducted interviews with top restaurant and retail executives on how customer satisfaction data is driving organizational change and business results. During these conversations, executives delved into the foundational elements…
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